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Skirt (Charleston) – St Michael’s High School


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Black pleated skirt with deep yoke.

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Waist size"/Length"

22W/16L, 22W/18L, 22W/20L, 24W/16L, 24W/18L, 24W/20L, 26W/16L, 26W/18L, 26W/20L, 28W/16L, 28W/18L, 28W/20L, 30W/16L, 30W/18L, 30W/20L, 30W/22L, 32W/16L, 32W/18L, 32W/20L, 32W/22L, 34W/16L, 34W/18L, 34W/20L, 34W/22L, 36W/16L, 36W/18L, 36W/20L, 36W/22L, 38W/20L, 38W/22L, 40W/20L, 40W/22L, 42W/22L, 44W/22L


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